We purchased Luna from the Delaneys in their 2017 online heifer sale.  She was the lead heifer in their 2018 Grand Champion Pen of 3 Heifers at the NWSS.  We bought her, fully intending, to flush to Bentley 454B.  She has already done her job, calves from that mating coming Spring 2019.  We expect great things from her.   


Trustmaid X Bentley Sons



We purchased Trustmaid as a replacement heifer from Valley Creek Ranch.  She is a model brood cow.  Her calf will be one of the best performers every year, no matter which sire was used.  Whether you are trying to raise bulls, replacement heifers, or pounds of feeder calves, Trustmaid is the kind that cattlemen strive for.



Honey is Bentley 454B’s first daughter in production, out of Trustmaid. She weaned the best performing bull calf of 2018(119ww ratio), as a first time momma. She is sound, deep, homozygous polled, and a model of the Hereford cows we are striving for. Pictured less than 2 months after calving for the first time.


DORA -owned with Iron Lake Ranch

Dora was the standout heifer of our 2017 calf crop. She has as much power and muscle definition as any cow we’ve ever seen. She’s deep bodied, good footed, and another prime example of why we have, and will continue to use PCR X51 BENTLEY 454B so heavily. Pictured at 20 months of age(Bred Heifer).


KIA (yearling photo)

Our next generation donor. Kia does so many things right. She combines the flawless structure of Kickstart with Bentley’s power and performance. Kia went from a birth weight ratio of 94 to 117 at weaning and 113 at a year. Her performance is unusual in the beef industry and something we would certainly like to expand upon.